Tegan Lloyd is an Australian artist who works and resides in Melbourne, Australia.
A self taught artist, she lives and breathes art and design, weaving her creativity into her everyday routines. 
Creating large colourful abstract paintings, her medium of choice is acrylic on linen and textured artists paper. 
Her works are mostly defined by her emotions, the landscape, nature and design. A love of beautiful colours and textures means she is constantly discovering the beauty in the Australian landscape and the little things around her.
Having worked in fashion, visual merchandising and now the arts she is inspired by contemporary design across many industries.
The artist works intuitively and has a strong connection to her painting practice and studio rituals. She moves with loose dance like motions to explore her first layers before working in more expressive brushstrokes and intentional mark making.
She explores through different tools -  brushes, rollers, palette knives, sponges, elements of nature and working the paint with her hands - while studying the results and inner reactions.
She builds her paintings intuitively before resolving them with intention, taking the time to lean in to what she is feeling throughout the work. This solves many thought processes for her, in and out of the studio, learning to let go and trust what is and knowing when to step in and focus. Therefore her art is a form of therapy and a very important part of her being. Through this practice her paintings connect the viewer to her experiences and energy used throughout the process as well as her subject.
She aims to invite the viewer into her inner visual world and memories, where they can connect and explore their own experience.
A mother of 3 young boys, she spends most of her time outside of the studio exploring the coast and enjoying family time.
You can view Tegan’s work further via Instagram @teganlloydart or make an appointment to visit her Melbourne home studio.