The Stones Print



Following on from the Seastones series is the mixed media work of Stones. Copper leafing, pastels and acrylics make up this mosaic original artwork.

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There You Were


This original piece experiments with layers and texture throughout, blended to create a calming balance between light and dark hues.

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One September Day


One September Day, created using acrylic and mediums on stretched Italian linen. Soft blush compliments the artists love affair with shades of teals and mint.

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Art for Epilepsy Auction


Over 40 artists, prominent and up and coming, across Australia have banded together and kindly created/donated works of art to be auctioned from the 14th February to 26th March (Purple Day) to raise much needed funds for people living with epilepsy – and provide art lovers with a rare opportunity to snare some very special pieces. I have donated an original artwork which was inspired by a beautiful little girl Sophia Mae.
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The Island Print

The Mermaid Print



The Heart Skips a Beat Print

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Heart skips a beat


A striking abstract, full of playful colour and pastels. This is a one of a kind, original artwork, painted using brushes, palette knife and the artist hands. Read More