20 things I use to create my works


Here is a little insight into some of the products I use along with other essentials I need to create my original artworks..

For me, painting is not as simple as grabbing a brush and some paints and getting down to business. Yes, I do need quality, beautiful products to work with but there is so much more to it. I also need to be in the right environment, and to be in the right mind frame, especially on a spiritual level. I started my artwork as a therapeutic outlet, a way to use my creativity and combine it with my passion for contemporary art and interiors. It also helps me to put my thoughts and emotions down on canvas.

I decided to share a list of 20 (must have!) things I use/need to create my original artworks..

1. Number one has got to be – A good nights sleep! I can’t function without it and sometimes with 2 toddlers it can be hard and not leave me with much focus to work on originals. I have learnt from experience that if I am not well rested, to focus my energy on other tasks or work on paper and save painting on canvas for another day.
2. A beautiful quality, Italian linen canvas, stretched on natural timber. All of my canvases are handmade by my fantastic local Bayside supplier
3. Matisse acrylics are my choice of medium. I use a mix of structure, flow and their background paints and love experimenting with colour mixing
4. A range of Neef brushes. I ADORE my brushes!!
5. Matisse mediums, flow, iridescent, crackle and gesso
6. Impasto – Deserves its own line for the amount of love I have for it, I buy it in buckets!
7. Water
8. My messy yet pretty dropsheets
9. Eisel
10. Inspiration. It’s everywhere! I keep images from photographs, fashion, magazines, textiles, cards sent from loved ones, furniture, architecture, travel, books, crystals and stones, photos of patterns found in natural materials. Words from poetry, quotes and songs. Photographs of our holiday snaps, places I want to visit, my children and memories all play a part.
11. Crystals. I love my rose quartz (mainly for its colour inspiration at the moment!) and my white howlite to calm my thoughts
12. Lots of natural light
13. Music, music, music!
14. Mindfulness
15. Trust. Trust in myself and trust in the process
16. Oil pastels
17. Metallic leaf
18. A good varnish
19. A fantastic framer!
20. Plenty of positive energy and happy vibes 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading my list of essentials! Please comment below if you are an artist or creative and have any other must haves for your practice! Would love to hear your additions!


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