Tegan is a visual artist and illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia.

A self taught artist, she creates textural abstract works using acrylic, oils and pastels. A romantic visionary and daydreamer, she abandons control of the piece while painting, letting her creative spirit develop. The growth experienced throughout her artistic journey has seen her work progress naturally and honestly, more-so than following formal techniques or methods.
Tegan works intuitively through blending and mark-making to express her thoughts, memories and inspirations, allowing her imagination to expand and travel to new places.

Growing up in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges and frequently visiting the family home, her recent work is influenced by the forests, nature and the homes surroundings.
Creativity has been in her soul since childhood; from writing and illustrating, to watching and learning the art of textiles, ceramics, sewing and tapestries through her families creative work.
A self confessed consumer of images, Tegan is constantly sourcing the internet, photographing and shopping local stores to fuel her need to collect moments of colour, pattern and textiles.
Evident in her recent work, these findings are combined with elements of travel, culture, American and Middle Eastern textiles, decorative arts and bohemian lifestyle.

Working from her home studio, she paints to create balance in her busy life as a mother of 2 boys, fiancé and artist. Her work is a form of meditation and personal growth which emanates her love for the design process.

Tegan’s work are an honest reflection of her inner gratitude and need to live a beautiful creative life.

Exhibitions/Charity Shows:

2015 – Melbourne Arts Club
Group Show

2015 – Raw Artists Melbourne
Group Show

2016 – Art for Epilepsy
Online Group Show
Auction raising funds for Epilepsy Action Australia

2016 – Peace of Art – Fenton and Fenton
Group Show
Auction raising funds for School’s a Gift

2016 – CamART – Camberwell Art Show
Group Show


2017 – Art for Epilepsy
Online Group Show
Auction raising funds for Epilepsy Action Australia

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