Peace of Art

This piece was made specially for the Peace of Art exhibition held at Fenton and Fenton. Beautiful sage and olive greens mixed with neutrals and hints of blush make up this calming artwork.
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Breathe I


Breathe I original artwork is made up of textured acrylic and oil pastel on stretched Italian linen canvas. Now available at stockist Marrakech by Design in Beaumaris.
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Floating, an original artwork made up of textured acrylic and oil pastel on cotton canvas.
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A beautiful textured artwork created from finding the balance between your heart and mind. Acrylic, pastel and oils make up this original artwork on 100% Italian linen. Now available at Marrakech by Design in Beaumaris, Bayside.

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Oceans Apart

Oceans apart

A unique artwork from the Seastones series, Oceans Apart. Copper leafing and textured acrylics make up this calming, beautiful original artwork.

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Tassled Blankets


Inspired by a loveable blanket and it’s textures, late wandering through images of Moroccan textiles and a place of happiness.

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Following on from the Seastones series is the mixed media work of Stones. Copper leafing, pastels and acrylics make up this mosaic original artwork.

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One September Day


One September Day, created using acrylic and mediums on stretched Italian linen. Soft blush compliments the artists love affair with shades of teals and mint.

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The Heart Skips a Beat Print

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The Breathe I Print


The Rose Quartz Print